Pain Nation

Reach your highest level of health by understanding the endocannabioid system and discovering the truth behind the most controversial and profound health revolution of our time.

a powerful original exploration of how the CBD
revolution is going to transform Americans’ lives.

CBD (cannabidiol) is the most profound plant medicine ever discovered

Pain Nation is the result of the last decade of Klee Irwin’s personal and professional work with
scientists, alternative health practitioners, medical doctors, researchers, government officials, real-life
case studies, and cannabinoid experts that has allowed him to pull together the most complete and
significant work on the healing benefits of CBD.

“Hemp and cannabinoids have been used by societies all over the 
world for more than 6,000 years. After a hundred years of political 
oppression, they’re finally coming back. This book couldn’t have come 
at a better time. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.”

Founder, and CEO of Magical


  • CBD-Skeptics
  • Anti-Opioid Crusaders
  • People in Physical Pain
  • Anxiety and Depression Sufferers
  • Longevity Seekers
  • Bio-Hackers
  • Medical Professionals
  • Health advocates needing the legal
    argument to relay to their local government

Pain Nation liberates the truth behind CBD’s untapped potential.

Disease Rates and a lack of
access to health care

Our country’s health problems are about systemic barriers to care, including access to CBD and other plant medicines, that can’t be solved easily. The way Klee sees it, there are five primary elements of our complex system of health, with each part influencing the other. Easy health solutions arise when we can move through these barriers. Have a look at these primary elements:

American Citizens

We cannot give away our responsibility to educate ourselves and take control of our health by learning about plant medicine and the diet-disease connection.

Big Pharma and Big Food

Most corporations are set up to make profit in any way that is legal. For example, when we vote for laws allowing advertisers to market breakfast cereals that are more sugar than nutrition to children, we have record levels of diabetes, because corporations can legally get away with it. Plant medicine and healthy food are not as profitable, but so much more nutritious to the human body.


Our laws allow campaign donations from Big Pharma and Big Food, along with overly cozy fraternization with lobbyists. Plus, congresspeople know very little about plant medicines and the diet-disease connection.

Health Organizations

Organizations, such as the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association, accept massive donations from Big Pharma and Big Food. How urgently can they really warn us of danger without biting the hands that feed them?

Medical Doctors and Schools

Doctors are doing the best they can considering virtually zero required medical education on plant medicine or even the connection between diet and disease.

Until we change the laws intended to protect us, we cannot fully rely on the knowledge or good intentions of Big Pharma, Big Food, doctors, non-profit health organizations, or Congress. We must take back control of our health by educating ourselves on the diet-disease connection and the amazing power of plant medicines.

“We’re an anxious and uptight nation on the brink, divided by a broken political 
system and a president who is pushing us over the edge. Many of us are agitated 
about terrorism, guns, religious fundamentalism, and refugees. With only 5% of the 
global population, we consume 80% of the world’s prescription opioids, 
antidepressants, and amphetamines-addictive drugs prescribed by medical doctors 
and known to cause paranoia, homicidal tendencies, and psychosis. Those who can’t 
access opiates through legal means are finding them on the street, resulting in an 
opioid crisis with overdoses on the rise. We’re stressed, both mentally and physically. 
We’re a nation in pain.”



CBD (cannabidiol), perhaps the most profound plant medicine ever discovered, is supported by extensive research showing that this miracle molecule helps with numerous medical conditions like nothing we’ve seen before (and no, it can’t get you high). CBD has a proven effect on everything from chronic pain and epilepsy to anxiety and depression.


Pain’s Relief

“The book has an encouraging, thorough and
comprehensive nature and is about the range of
promoting balance and preventing pain. At first I
was skeptical about CBD oil, but after all the testimonies
and evidence I came to realize that this is the future and
it will help those living in pain, there’s not much to
lose, in fact there’s a balance of deep wisdom
alongside the urgency which make this approach
particularly relevant to people who suffers from a
varieties of issues. Clear, easy-to-understand line
drawings by the author, who put the efforts to display
several benefits of this miraculous oil. This book in my
opinion will be a source of hope for those who seek
relief from pain.”
- Marcelo Silva Goncalves

What Big Pharmas Don’t Want
You To Know! CBD Rocks!

“I was intrigued when I started hearing about CBD
that can help with pain, sleep, and anxiety. I suffer
from chronic shoulder pain but refused to take
painkillers. I definitely won’t go to one of those
“medical” dispensaries for that. I was afraid of what CBD
would do to me. This book helped me understand the
benefit of CBD and its misconception. It’s written in a
simple language. I am taking CBD supplements with
confidence now that I know it will not get me high
and I can function normally. I don’t wake up with
shoulder pain anymore on most mornings! Please
read this book - highly recommended!”
- SoCalGal919



  • Tackle social fears
  • Understand the medical industry’s concerns
  • Protect your healthcare rights
  • Talk with your doctor about CBD aid
  • Engage your local government in CBD
  • Demand cannabis growers follow strict
  • Growing standards

Klee Irwin is an author, physicist, and
entrepreneur, who dedicates the majority of
his time to Quantum Gravity Research (QGR),
a research institute he founded in 2009.

Klee is also the founder and owner of Irwin Naturals, an award-winning
global natural supplement company providing alternative health and
healing products sold in thousands of retailers ranging from Walmart
to Whole Foods. Outside of his work in physics and nutraceuticals, such
as CBD, Klee is active in supporting students, scientists, educators and
founders in their aim to discover solutions leading to high impact
positive change in the world. He has helped and invested in a wide
range of people, causes and companies including,
Upworthy, Donors Choice, Moon Express, Mayasil, the X
Prize Foundation.


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Why every person on the planet should be consuming CBD (cannabis) daily


Watch 6,630,507: The Story of CBD movie Trailer

Klee is featured in a documentary about CBD called "6,630,507: The Story of CBD" that was inspired by his book.

Watch the trailer for this incredible movie and see for yourself the power of this plant.


The 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law
legalizing Hemp all across America!

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